Diving Bali



Perfect place for Underwater Macro Photography and Muck Diving:

  • Due to its proximity of the Mount Agung volcano, the sand is black and it makes a really great and unusual contrast with the colourful coral and critters.
  • A chance to spot the rare Ghost Pipefish, Pygmy Seahorse and the (very rare) and fascinating Mimic Octopus.
  • Most of the dive sites are shallow, meaning you spend more time underwater, checking out the underwater splendours.

Very light current and good visibility (ranges from 15 to 25 metres).

Scuba diving here is very easy and a relaxing experience. Mostly is no current there(or very light at the most) and it is a perfect place for courses and introductions to diving. Most of the dive sites are accessible from the shore or by a very short boat trip in typical Balinese boat called jukung.Pyramid site is up for Amed in the bay Jemeluk.

Coral growths in Jemeluku are available not only divers, but too for snorkelers. Colorful corals in shallower waters moving towards depth in the relatively barren sandy slopes. Already at the end of the last century there began with attempts to create artificial reefs – pyramid formed by used tires, concrete hollow metal structures. This resulted in a richly stocking location Pyramid rich in specialties for the macrophotographers  – nudibranch snails, crustaceans …

Drop off location is right by the beach in Jemeluk. While swimming on the surface of the beach is usually immersed in the vicinity of underwater post office. The terrain slopes here quickly – about 25-meters can not miss the big green coral around which often reside photogenic yellow-black-and-white Sweetlips .Here begins the real wall that continues to a depth of about 45-meters

„Žití, to je největší umění na světě, neboť většina lidí pouze existuje.“ Oscar Wilde