Diving Bali



The world-renowned location to the U.S.A.T. Liberty ship wreck from the Second World War, just 50 meters from the shore. In addition to richly overgrown fragments (120-meter-long ship) is this location still better on a macro specialties: gorgonian seahorse, pipetfishe, rockfishe, frog fish, octopus, crustaceans and hundreds of species of nudibranches.

Coral gardens – location (directly opposite the center) only 150 meters. Great for beginers and macro specialist and photographers. Many kinds of murens, nudibranchs, clowns…

Drop off – 400 meters to the right is the dramatic wall falling sharply below 60 – 80 meters…

„Na světě je zavedeno, že spousta hloupých si hraje na chytré. Z chytrých, kterých je na světě nedostatek, jen ti nejchytřejší si hrají na hloupé.“ Jan Werich